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Bigwig Digs is brought to you by the real estate news website UrbanTurf.

While tracking the DC real estate market since 2008, the UrbanTurf editorial staff has accumulated a list of addresses where notable people have lived throughout the Washington area. Such information always makes for fun and interesting factoids about individual properties, and readers love it (as do we). So we decided to consolidate all these addresses and present them on a single website as the go-to resource to learn where “bigwigs” have rested their heads over the years.

The result is Bigwig Digs. We launched the site on October 1st, 2012, with about 80 digs. The plan is to add more over time as we discover them -- which we invite you, our reader, to help us do. If you know of any addresses that we should add, please let us know at bigwigdigs2016@urbanturf.com.

Any other questions, feedback, or corrections for Bigwig Digs? Contact us.

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Paul Williams, a.k.a. the House History Man, contributed some of the names and addresses to Bigwig Digs. Paul has been researching and writing up the history of houses and buildings in Washington, DC since 1995, when he established his architectural history consulting firm called Kelsey & Associates.  He has an educational background in historic preservation from Roger Williams University and Cornell University, and was recently hired as the President of Historic Congressional Cemetery in SE Washington.  He is the author of 14 Washington, DC neighborhood history books through Arcadia and the History Press, and Anova books will publish his Lost Washington book in November of 2012.  He is also the author of the popular history blog The House History Man.

Bob Cullen photographed many of the homes featured on Bigwig Digs. Bob started taking photographs in the eighties while stationed in Moscow as a reporter for Newsweek. Flash forward twenty years, and photography has become Bob's third career (after writing and teaching). See more of his work and get in touch with him at Bob Cullen Photography.